Monday, April 20, 2009

my deal run today

I'm really excited about the deal I did today. I made three transactions and each one was about a dollar or a little over. This is what I got:

8 boxes of Orville Redenbacker popcorn
7 boxes of Poptarts
2 boxes of Capri Sun
6 boxes of dishwasher tabs thingys electrosol stuff
24 rolls of toilette paper
10 McCormicks spices
8 boxes of Mac N Cheese
7 hand pumps of hand wash

I think that's it. While Scott was bringing it up he asked how much I spent and I said around three dollars and he freaked out and said, "30 dollars!!!" The thing that is so funny about that is if I had paid without coupons or anything it would have been at least eighty dollars!!! So him thinking 30 was a lot was kind of funny. I did, however, go and buy seven newspapers this morning at the dollar store so I guess you could say I spend around ten dollars when it comes to coupons and product. But it's always fun to see how low you can get your bill. Maybe I'll show you a picture of all the stuff I have after this deal at Safeway is over in two weeks.

picture round-up

So I haven't posted in a long time!! So I thought I would post a few pics. of what we have been up to. Right before spring break we had a huge snow storm so Scott got the two days before spring break off as well. On the Friday before we thought we would take Cayden sledding. I think he had more fun riding the sled over to the hill and eating his cookie than actually sledding.

I'm in the Activities commitee and we threw an Easter party for the kids in the primary the day before Easter. This was Cayden's first Easter that he was actually able to do stuff in. He had a blast. We limited the kids ten eggs so we would let Cayden find eggs then go and hide them, then he would find them and we would hide them. He had a lot of fun.

I started watching a little girl for a few hours during the day. The two of them like climbing up into the rocking chair together. I thought it was pretty cute.

Everything has been going pretty well for us up here. Cayden has been sleeping a lot better once we got him on Prilosec for his acid reflux. Yesterday I got called to be the Camp Director of our ward. I'm ubber excited, although it seems that a lot has been put off so I have lots to do before Camp. It's only in about a month and a half. I feel a little young to be the director. I'm not used to being in charge. I do better when I'm under someone else and just offer suggestions. So it will be a learning experience for me