Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our Own eCONEmic

Well, as many of you know Ben and Jerry's has a thing going today that if you bring in a can of food they will give you a scoop of icecream for a buck. So Cayden and I took off at about quarter to ten and went a ways to the nearest store. Well they don't open until eleven. DUH!!!! So the whole way over I was telling Cayden that we were getting icecream and I was excited about it too. So we decided to have our own eCONEmic relief day our own way....with a dilly bar!!! We throughly enjoyed ourselves.

Monday, March 23, 2009

nothing beats it!!!

Cayden and I have been sick all weekend long...again! This time I thought we needed a little treat. So I took us out to McDonalds and we brought the food home and shared lunch. As I was sitting there looking at our son, I just got an overwhelming feeling of love. Nothing beats sharing McDonalds with the one you love. Our kitchen is a mess, and there are tons of things to do. But it's nice to just take a breather and remember what life is all about....no not McDonalds!!!...Love!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

catch up

Wow what a couple weeks it has been in the Allen household. Cayden has been sick almost a month now with stuff coming out both ends. Yuck. Yesterday we went and got him some prilosec to see if maybe he has acid reflux. We think this because he's not sleeping at nights and when he does wake up he's really really upset. He's also been throwing up and spitting up more than normal. So last night was the first night of the prilosec and it was a complete difference. However, just trying to get him to take the medicine was bad enough. He threw up twice just tasting the stuff. I tasted and it was absolutely disgusting. I tried putting it in juices and stuff and nothing masked that nasty concoction. Anyway he slept good...except now he's got a cough and a slight fever. UGH I think the fever might be because he's teething. I don't know anymore. Anyway I thought I would post a few pictures of cayden to wet your appetite.

Let's see... I'll explain a few. I'm going to do the last first. The last one was the start of the diarrhea. He exploded at a friend's house. She has a girl and the only clothes she has were girl clothes. He absolutely refused the purple top with hearts on it. I tried to put it on and he would have none of it. So I just zipped up his manly Nike jacket and went on our way. He's in the car getting ready to get changed again. Obviously he knows somethings up, and he's not happy about it! Then the other two were just Scott playing with Cayden.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Week of Groceries

So I thought it would be fun to post what I got this week for my fifty dollars worth of grocery money for the week. Lets see:

20 boxes of cereal
2 jars of tarter sauce
2 candy bars
bag of Easter candy
7lbs of steak
3lbs of apples
3 lbs of bananas
3 bottles of pedialite
a case of pedialite pops
4 boxes of Granola bars
14 cans of cream of chicken soup
Big jar of applesauce
2 bagels
6 single serve Michael Angelo's frozen dinners
a bag of fish sticks
a bag of fish filets
2 bags of french fries
pizza sauce....

I think that's it. Not too bad for fifty dollars. This next week is going to be much slower. I don't see many deals that great coming up. I think I'm off to eat some cereal!!