Monday, March 9, 2009

Week of Groceries

So I thought it would be fun to post what I got this week for my fifty dollars worth of grocery money for the week. Lets see:

20 boxes of cereal
2 jars of tarter sauce
2 candy bars
bag of Easter candy
7lbs of steak
3lbs of apples
3 lbs of bananas
3 bottles of pedialite
a case of pedialite pops
4 boxes of Granola bars
14 cans of cream of chicken soup
Big jar of applesauce
2 bagels
6 single serve Michael Angelo's frozen dinners
a bag of fish sticks
a bag of fish filets
2 bags of french fries
pizza sauce....

I think that's it. Not too bad for fifty dollars. This next week is going to be much slower. I don't see many deals that great coming up. I think I'm off to eat some cereal!!


S_Allen said...

What about all those select harvest soups that I helped you get? Hmmmmmm?

Allen Family said...

That was the week before!!! Thanks for that too.

Amy said...

Where did you buy the cereal??? I am jealous that you did that good. but you would be proud of me I just started a coupon thing :)

Allen Family said...

Safeway (Von's) had a great deal last week on the cereal. I think one time I actually got back four cents after I "bought" five boxes, a box of granola bars, and tarter sauce. I love it when they pay me to take their food!!!

So what are you doing? What type of Coupon thing are you doing?

Michelle said...

That's amazing, Amy! I did the Safeway cereal deal too! I "bought" 10 boxes! :)