Tuesday, January 20, 2009

...and so it begins!!!

We've really been working with Cayden with nursery. So I've started really coloring with him a lot so that he enjoys it when they do it in nursery. I guess we missed a crayon during the pick up this morning. I noticed that it was really quiet...you know that eerie quiet. Well this is what I found all over his new table he got for Christmas. Oh well, such is life. I'm just glad it wasn't on the walls.


Amy said...

Coloring is an integral part of nursery. Logan always hated it! At least he didn't color an anything else - you sit on the part of the chair that he colored on anyways :)

Chelsea said...

Hey Amy!!! How is nursery going with Caden? Cora was a mess going into nursery for like 6 months. Ugh! And she never colored anything. They's always hand us the picture that she was supposed to color when we picked her up and it only has her name on it that a teacher clearly wrote. Kids are funny. Well at least he's enjoying coloring :)

S_Allen said...

Having a fun time coloring the chair!

Cayden is cute