Monday, February 2, 2009

Momma's little helper

Cayden's been sick for the longest time it seems...really only since Friday. Anyway I thought I would make some enchiladas to put in the freezer since I had all the ingredients and I couldn't go anywhere today. When I put my apron on Cayden wanted one on too. So I found one and put it on him. I had to adjust it a bit so it would fit. We had a good time...for about five minutes. Then he wanted it off and he went and played in his own kitchen.

The bottom two pictures are cayden wearing momma's shoes. He's been doing that lately wanting to wear anyone's shoes. Then he tries to walk around. I think he does it because he knows we'll grab the camera and take a picture. He loves his picture taken!!

(Oh, sorry about the room. My scrapbook area really needs some help!)


Boyd said...

Wow he is so old! (I know you don't want to hear that) He is adorable!

Amy said...

He REALLY grew up! I haven't seen him in a while. Too cute :)