Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Cayden....yesterday

Yesterday was Cayden's Birthday. We celebrated on Saturday with the fam. Grandma and Grandpa took us out to an amusement park for toddlers. We thought that he would love all the little rides. Especially the little train. But the one toy that caught his eye was...you guessed it the SLIDE! We could have gone to a park!! But he went up and down and up and down that slide like crazy. He also enjoyed the set of stairs and surprisingly the bounce house. I didn't think he'd like it at all but wow he loved jumping and falling and flipping all over the place. It got some engery out. He really enjoyed himself.

Cayden has a sock fetish. For a long time we had one sock that was a CARS sock. We lost the other one. But he wore that sock everyday for about six days straight. We would put him in clean socks and he would rip one off and hand us the CARS sock. I even tried hiding the sock from him. But he would always find it. So for his birthday Grandma gave him seven pairs of cars and sesame street socks. Now he wears them when he goes to bed...actually all the time. He doesn't ever want to be without his socks. He also got lots of Cars cars a spirally thingy that races cars. He got a vacume some thomas the train stuff, and he got a really cool sand box thingy that you can play with standing up. All in all he really enjoyed the day.

Alittle bit about Cayden. Boy is he active. He's always on the move. Lately we've been able to stop him to give us loves but then he's off again. If he could do anything it would be play outside. He'd stay outside forever if you let him. He loves hotwheels and since we took his paci away he sucks on those. He's a very independant little boy. He no longer wants ANY help going up and down the stairs. If I attemp to be will have non of it. He's talking some. He more just makes up hand movements with sound but it's coming along. All in all he's a pretty happy boy


Amy said...

Happy Birthday!!! It seems like not that long ago that they all turned one :)

Boyd said...

Happy Birthday Cayden! We miss you guys!, When do we get to see you? By the way Amy, I am pregnant, just not as much as you saw on my blog, That was a joke for people in my ward. :)

Emily said...

Lol! We sell those in our store...I think I may have started that sock fetish when I sent the baby socks to you...sorry :S could be worse though. Miss ya! :D

Allen Family said...

Those were the cutest socks ever!!! I liked them so much i would put them on his hands so he wouldn't scratch himself because they were so cute!!