Thursday, June 25, 2009


Wow it's been a crazy month here at the Allen household. I haven't posted anything because it's just been really really busy and crazy. So I thought I would update you on some of the highlights of the last month or two.

No Doubt Concert
Scott and I went and had a blast. It was my first concert and I wasn't too excited to go. I didn't really know what to expect. We sat on a slope on the grass so by the time it was over my feet kind of hurt from standing on an incline. But other than that we had a really fun time. It was neat to be around so much energy. It was just amazing to be be amongst is all. A bit overwhelming.

Girls Camp
Girls camp was also a lot of fun. However I'm glad it's over. It was a lot of work and not much sleep. We had a really good set of girls who went to bed on time and woke up relatively easy. I was kind of afraid because the ladies before us were there for a long time. So I thought the girls wouldn't be too happy with us because we did stuff differently. But it all worked out fine. The girls had a ball and so did I. It was a high adventure camp so I got to do a zip line and a cat walk. There were other things, but I just didn't do all of it. It was neat watching the girls overcome fears and see how proud they were of themselves. It was a good experience. Just a lot of work.

Scott stuff
Scott's been teaching a program called jump start. It's kind of a cool program. The new freshmen that didn't pass their proficiency exams go to the program to help them with their writing and math. Scott does the writing and another teacher does the math. Tomorrow is his last day I think he's excited. It will be nice to have six weeks off before school starts. The last full week of July Scott is headed to San Diego for a Comic Convention. He's spent the last year selling off lots of his hobbies to pay his way. It's been kind of fun watching him scrounge the house for things for him to sell. But he's made a surprisingly little fortune for him to take.

Cayden Stuff
Cayden is doing good. We took him to the doctor yesterday because he keeps getting fevers. But today he was fine. He seems to catch colds and then get better and catch them again, so I don't know if it's one big bad cold or two colds. He did it in March too. But he's doing fine other than that. I'm a bit concerned with his speaking. He still isn't talking much. But just give him time right. He is still our crazy active boy who is insainly independant. He wants to do everything his own way and doesn't want any help with it.

Amy Stuff
I really haven't been up to much. Just girls camp and being a mom. I got a gym membership for ten bucks a month and they watch Cayden for free. So I've been doing that in the mornings. Not lately because Cayden's been sick and I've been at camp. But before that I was doing it at least three times a week. I enjoy it. Deal wise, I haven't found that many deals lately. It seems like things have dried up for a bit. But I still loyally check my blogs for any good deals I see. There is one at Safeway, Vons. They have some tortillas on sale up here .99c. In the meat department there is a blinky machine that spits out coupons for .75c off the same brand of tortillas. Up here my stores double to a dollar. So it added up to being only .03c a package with tax. Not to shabby of a deal. It was enough to get me excited. I wish I had more room in my freezer. But I was only able to get three packages. Maybe I'll get more next week. I haven't been doing much scrapbooking but I have a book for Julie that I need to get started on so I do have something to work on.

All in all things have been going well. We have an offer on a house that we won't hear back from for a while. We're a bit excited about it. It's kind of a dump, but we plan on fixing it up and making it look real nice. There is that first time homeowners tax credit that we will use to put new carpet and paint. Then we'll just have to save to fix up all the rest. But if we get it for what we're asking then the payments would be four dollars less than our rent. That includes everything, PMI, insurance...everything. But the bank that owns it went bankrupt and the other bank is kind of behind. So we don't expect to hear back from them until August. So we're just being patient.

Well enough of my rambelings. Sorry no pictures this time. Maybe I'll see what's on our camera and put up a few in the next couple of days.


Amy said...

We were just talking about how we need to call you at Bunko the this week. Jamie says hello! Sounds like you have been crazy! I am jealous that you can double coupons :) THat is entirely NO FAIR!

Michelle said...

Wow! You've been BUSY! Which gym did you find with free child care for $10/month?

Allen Family said...

There is a gym on 88th and Sheridan. It's called Better Bodies Fitness. Yep ten bucks a month. I love it. I'm actually off to go work out in the next half hour. It's just a basic gym, but they do have a woman's only gym and they offer classes-for free too. So it's not to bad.