Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Awsome Haul this week

Unfortunately we're having problems loading pictures so I don't have any pictures of my haul but here is what I got for about 20 dollars and around 10 hours:

126 bottles of Joint Juice
6 lbs ground beef
2 steaks
2 pks of bone in chicken
1 lbs of chicken strips
4 4 pack of toilette paper
15 kleenix
2 Entennmanns danishes
Gallon of milk
dozen eggs
2 pkgs of bagels
20 boxes of cereal
1 capri sun
1 soda pop
3 pkgs of paper towels
2 boxes of mac n cheese
2 yogurts
2 lbs pork chops
6 lbs broccoli
1 onion
5 apples
3 tomatoes

The best part is when I turn in my reciepts for rebate I'll make 20 dollars. I also ended up with a coupon for three dollars off my next purchase. So total I made three dollars. It's been a busy week. I could keep going with the deals but I'm exhausted so we'll see if I do some more. I might try to get 20 more boxes of cereal today but I have to mail in the receipts by today so it will be tight. Anyway, lots of free stuff this week.

Also, if you are wondering what I'm going to do with my joint juice. I listed it on Freecycle and there is a lady coming to pick them up for free in a few minutes. This is an awesome way to donated and get free stuff. Just last month. I got Cayden a mega block set and a bag of balls for free. So if you have time you should join a group in your area.

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