Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Calling Uncle!!!

Wow what a day. There are days when I feel like I've bitten off more than I can chew. I started the day in bed reading while Cayden watched some TV. I felt like it was going to be a lazy day. But then I got myself off my butt and decided to get some stuff done. I had to babysit today for the first time in a couple weeks so maybe I wasn't prepared....

I decided it would be fun to put up Christmas decorations with the kids. It started out fun, but in the last couple weeks I've learned that I can be a little paranoid...okay fine ALOT paranoid. I would put boxes and such back into the tupperware boxes that the decorations were and and turn around. Not five seconds later they were into the tupperwares pulling out boxes, tissue paper, any and all things that I just put away. AHHHH Yes I know, it's just paper stuff, but it drove me nuts. Well that got accomplished. (kind of)

Then the kids went downstairs and watched tv for a minute. I thought I would make up some quinoa pilaf for myself. (trying to diet) When the kids heard me they came upstairs and wanted some lunch. I was planning on giving them fish sticks. So I put them in the oven but told the kids to go play because it wouldn't be done for a little while. They didn't they sat at the table saying eat! eat! eat! I decided maybe something to drink would be helpful so I gave them a little bottle water. I poured out the first little bit. That worked until I heard laughing and turned around. They had dumped out the water from each bottle and were splashing themselves. (deep breath....deep breath) I decided I was going a bit crazy. As I was going to grab a towel I had a quick talk to myself, "It's only's only's only water." I got on my knees and decided the floor needed a mop anyway so it's not big deal.

The fish sticks came out of the oven and I gave them some fruit to buy the time till they cooled down. Oh yeah I forgot the most important part throughout all this lunch stuff. I got it in my mind to make some sugar cookies. I thought it would be fun for the kids to help me make it. I just don't know how some women do it...or do they? (I don't really think there are that many women out there that make cookies with TWO two year olds no matter what people tell you) The kids took turns dumping in ingrediants until it was done. I put them in the oven after the fish sticks were done.

Moving on, they ate lunch and then ran and played in the family room. I had a great time frosting the cookies and didn't think about the kids in the room with the Christmas tree that we just put together. Soon I heard, "Ou oh mommy ou oh mommy broke..."Thankfully nothing was broke the tree had just fallen over. So I now picked up my pitiful looking tree and said forget it! Kids go down stairs and watch blues clues I have to clean up. I haven't gotten to the clean up yet. I tried to turn the tree so it was facing the right way but I ended up popping the top off of it. I stuck it back on and am ready to call UNCLE!!!

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