Sunday, January 10, 2010

Holiday update and other stuff.

Candy Cane Fairy!!!
A couple days before Christmas the Candy Cane Fairy came to our house and Cayden had a blast he loved all the canes. He took all of them off the tree and made a pile of them on the kitchen table. We're still eating candy canes.

Christmas Eve
We decided that since is was really really cold outside and really really snowy it would be a perfect day to go swimming! Yep we went to the rec center and they have an indoor pool. We go to the "Tree House" there lots and Cayden always looks into the pool and says he wants to go so we took him for the first time. He absolutely loved it. We were a bit skeptical we didn't know if he'd go on all the slides or not but he did it all! We had so much fun. We think it's going to be a tradition from now on to go on Christmas Eve. Cayden's favorite slide was the adult slide. He would ride on our laps and do the twirls and go in the tunnel. We really just had a ball! Afterwords we sat down to some good vending machine goodies. (sorry no picture-but it sure was good!)

Christmas Morning
This Christmas was Cayden's first one that he actually kind of understood what was going on. We came home the night before after spending Christmas Eve with Scott's family and we tracked where Santa was and told him a little bit more about Santa. While we were driving home he kept looking up in the sky to see if he could see him. (On a side note- During our ward Christmas party Scott's Dad was a Santa "helper" when Cayden saw him and heard him he pointed at him and said real loud, "Pappa, Pappa!" It was kind of cute) Christmas morning we opened up our presents over at our house and then went to the Scott's parents house. It was a great day. We all enjoyed watching Cayden open his presents and play. It really was a great day.

And for a little bit of fun we gave him pop rocks -oops Santa gave him pop rocks in his stocking. It was kind of fun to watch him!!

My new Bathroom
I finally have two fully functioning bathrooms!!! I thought it would take a lot more time and work than it actually took. part of that was because of my family that came up and showed me how to Caulk and they also fixed my window. But I am very happy with the way that it turned out. I love sitting and just looking around because it looks so dang cute and I decorated it all by myself!! I had fun so I thought I would give you a shot of it. I love the flower. I wasn't 100% sure I'd like it but I think it adds to the room because all the rest is teal and brown. What think you?Yes I know it's small and what you see is pretty much all there is. There is a vanity and mirror right next to the toilette but there isn't anything that great about part. Scott's Mom made the curtain for the window in there. We needed something to block out the water and couldn't find a material that was water proof enough or cute so I bought a shower curtain that matched the current one and the walls and then she cut it and made it into a real curtain. I just love how everything turned out. Oh and the curtain rod is one of those ones that you see in a hotel that curve out. Scott's Dad actually put it in for us. Another thing we love!

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