Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Haul!

So I've been busy the last couple of weeks between King Soopers and Safeway. There are just some really excellent deals out there right now. So I thought I'd brag about how much I've gotten and how much I've spent.

So I'm not totally exact about how much I've spent I think it's about $40 dollars so here we go:

42 can of chili
21 bags of rice cakes
18 rolls of pillsbury (crescents, grands, and cinnamon-a mixture of each((these freeze great-who knew))
15 boxes of wheat things
8 boxes of cheese nips
4 jars of Ragu
7 bags of frozen steamed veggies
6 boxes of electrasol dishwasher tabby thingys (these sell for like 3.50 so just for these without coupons would be1 $21 dollars that's half of what I spent for all of these!)
10 diced tomatoes
20 easy macs
2 pkg of goldfish (you know, the kind you eat not keep as pets!)
2 pkgs of tollhouse cookie dough (goodbye diet hello heaven!)
1 box of cheez its
1 bag of chex mix

Fun times this last week or so.

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