Sunday, August 9, 2009

busy busy bees

that's what we have been this summer! Between Scott teaching jump start (kind of like summer school) Going to Comic Con for a week, and taking 12 masters credits it has been one busy summer. Cayden and I have just been staying alive throughout the hotness. Yes, I know, we haven't even hit 100. But it gets pretty sweaty in our apartment. We have been complaining about our ceiling fan because it goes and goes but we never feel any wind from it. Finally we talked to Scott's parents. I guess we had it adjusted so the wind went up instead of down. There is a little switch. WHO KNEW!!!

We also have been looking for a house. It's been one disappointment after another. It seems like the market up here in Denver is in full swing. I guess our Realtor has six closings this month. We would find a house that we loved and it would already have so many offers on it that they either weren't taking any more, or the previous offers were so high that we couldn't compete. We must have been turned down on houses more than ten times. We finally found one that we liked and it didn't seem like too much work. We put an offer in got accepted! We're excited. So we are technically under contract. We have the inspection on Tuesday (previously mentioned) if there isn't anything majorly wrong with it then I think it's ours. I'll let you know after the inspection how things went. I've picked out a color scheme that I like with the house. I'll take pictures and let you all know what we decide after we know for sure if we have the house yet.

This week should be a bit crazy for our family. I work almost 30 hours and Scott goes back to work on Thursday. So with everything we have lots of babysitting for Cayden. It seems like this last week of summer might just kick our tooshes. Then it's back to the 'old grind.

The missionaries just stopped by so we fed them some ice cream and talked a bit...where was I. Hmm Anyway it's going to be busy this week. I'll let you know more when we get there.

Here is a picture of Cayden enjoying the present Scott brought back for him from comic con.

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Amy said...

Sounds like you guys are crazy! Are you tutoring still at Sylvan? I hope that everything goes well with your house. We will keep our fingers crossed :)